Playtomic partner clubs are spread over many parts of the planet and, of course, in Spain´s most important population centers there are a good number of them.

What does it matter where you have your residence! If you live in Barcelona, in neighboring provinces and you approach from time to time or you are simply going to make one of those getaways of a few days that you like so much, you can book a court with the Playtomic app in clubs throughout the province. Clubs with different characteristics that give you the possibility to choose and find the place you are looking for to play padel.

We could highlight many and among them is a great club like Augusta Padel by Marta Marrero, run by the number one Canarian player in the World Padel Tour ranking. One of those clubs where you can find everything. 11 courts, very high class classes at the school, tournaments very frequently and especially a club that is never satisfied and tries to take a step forward to offer the best service to all its visitors in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallés.


          Augusta Padel by Marta Marrero                            Padel Barcelona El Prat                                                        Star´s Padel

                 Padel Montgat Marina Club                                        Padel Arenys                                                                  Vila Sport Club


From the southernmost area of the province of Barcelona, in towns such as Vilanova and La Geltrú to the northernmost area, on the way to the province of Girona in towns such as Arenys de Munt, you can find clubs where you can book a court with the Playtomic app along the entire coast and of course throughout the urban area of Barcelona and surroundings.

Search on the Playtomic app. It´s as easy as choosing Barcelona in the search field and you´ll see Playtomic partner clubs. And you know that you can also see and book them from the directory of Barcelona clubs of Padel Lands in the clubs with the Playtomic link. One click and go directly to the booking ftab of each club on the Playtomic website. Why look further if you have the best court reservation system at your fingertips?



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