We are sure that you have ever wondered where the clubs with the most courts are. And also that many of those who read these lines have not had the opportunity to play in a club, for example with more than 10 or 15 courts.

You can book a court at some of the biggest padel clubs in the world with the Playtomic app. A large majority of them are in Madrid and to a lesser extent in Barcelona and in some provinces of Andalusia such as Malaga and Seville.

Would you know how to answer correctly if we ask you which is the club with the highest number of courts in which you can book a court with Playtomic? The answer is that you can book a court at the biggest club in the world, which has nothing more and nothing less than 40 courts. Yes, as some of you will know, it is the Club El Estudiante of Madrid.



Those who make your reservations regularly in Madrid, you will meet several clubs in the area but for all those who approach you on time and we encourage you, you can make your reservation with Playtomic in clubs with a large number of courts, that if well they dont´ get to have 40 of the El Estudiante, they are very large. Sanset Padel with 29 courts and others that have between 15 and 20 such as Maspadel, Ciudad de la Raqueta, La Masó, Puerta de Hierro Sports Park, Padel Madrid Las Tablas, Somontes, Novopadel, Blue Padel Rivas, Ciudad Deportiva Jarama or Body Factory Tres Cantos. And in other clubs where you will also have a great time! Enter Playtomic in the Community of Madrid or in the directory of clubs of Madrid of Padel Lands and you will see them.





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