Until recently, booking a padel court in a club outside Spain was something unthinkable. Today the Playtomic app allows us to reserve a court in up to 11 different countries. And remember! You can also do it from Padel Lands.

Offering a more global service to players is one of the objectives of Playtomic and that is why they are not satisfied with giving you the possibility to make a booking in all these countries but instead work to incorporate clubs from other countries to their offer. One more proof that Playtomic helps you.

Both at the individual and group level, trips either for leisure or for work are the order of the day. The difference with respect to years ago is that many times we did not contemplate the possibility of including our favorite sport in these displacements due to difficulties such as language and lack of time.



The padel is present in our lives and Playtomic makes it easier to play with our friends, with other players in a club, and do it with better services and in many places, it is within our reach and in very few clicks.

If you are going to travel, never forget Playtomic in your luggage. It will help you to have a great time playing padel.








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