Firm step, rigorous work and well done, fulfilling stages little by little and always looking forward. Cartri has established itself as a brand in the padel industry from scratch since its inception in 2015, after its existence since 2005 in the world of sports as a socks brand.

The fact of doing things well is not always enough to succeed in an increasingly crowded sector. Introducing news is increasingly important when making a hole and climb steps to try to reach the top.

Nowadays Cartri has reached 5 continents and is present in clubs, academies, in the clothing of many players of formative categories and even in those of some national teams such as the United States, Brazil, Japan, China and Senegal.



We are always interested in contributing some curiosities of the protagonists of our posts and in the case of Cartri we have some to tell you. The first example is that the Alicante brand is one of the most involved in the padel of minors, being present in countless circuits and tournaments and their commitment to the younger players reaches the point that in some tournaments they manage the rent the courts for their players and take care of their training, as well as organize some lunches and dinners. They have a whatsapp group with 300 children! Close attention that makes a difference. Their work with young people is reflected little by little in the previous phases of the World Padel Tour with players such as José Solano, Christian Medina Murphy, Mariana Cordero Cudero, María Blázquez Mota, Candela Escobar Martínez and the Portuguese Leninha Medeiros and Inês Conde.





Antonio Martins, CEO of Cartri tells us where the name of “the brand of the blue mountain” comes from, evoking the opening markets that the German brand Puma, which was so named, had to carry out to reinvent itself and be able to leave afloat, a few decades ago. Cartri has taken a step forward and this is seen especially in their business relationship with clubs and the fact that the material is on deposit in all of them, or what is the same, the club does not buy a quantity and then sells it . Only pays to Cartri the corresponding amount for each item sold, which is a novelty in several ways. Its leadership in terms of textiles is a fact, with possibilities even to make small productions totally customized for clubs and teams with their designs or even designing them themselves. We´ll not tell you about The evolution in terms of the palas and accessories. Enter yourselves to your new website and you will see the variety they have. Is awesome!

We started a collaboration that we are sure will give us joys and through which you can have several surprises that you will love. We invite you to come to this great brand that has made a hole in the padel with a lot of work, effort and dedication. Welcome to Padel Lands!







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