The expansion of the Padelprix chain

It is common for us to see in different European countries that some of the clubs where you can play padel belong to chains with a greater or lesser number of clubs. The vast majority of them [...]


Padel in America

The continent where padel was born is going through a sweet moment in terms of padel growth. We could even say that on a global level, if we mean that this sport grows in almost all areas of the [...]


Padel has conquered Europe

Over the years we have informed you about the evolution of padel around the world. We have given some details about different European countries where this evolution occurs in one way or another. [...]


New collaboration between Padel Lands and GM Racket Sports

Padel Lands continues in the dynamics of reaching agreements with various companies that contribute to the expansion of its activity. Always doing it with projects that are carried out following [...]


New countries in World Padel Tour

World Padel Tour published last week the venues and dates of the circuit in its 2023 edition. Open, yes, to possible modifications. The truth is that the circuit is going to reach countries where [...]


Padel courts on rooftops

The locations to build padel courts can be so varied that they are often surprising. As long as there is enough space to integrate them, almost anywhere can be good. At ground level, on different [...]


Padel in Western Asia

The growth of padel throughout the world is striking, but as this happens, there are areas where the development of our sport attracts more attention. The growth of padel in Western Asia is [...]


Padel Village at ISPO Munich 2022

The Padel Village experience at ISPO Munich 2022 has been valued very positively by the brands that gathered around the court that was installed in the center of the space in hall C1 of the fair. [...]


Padel courts and snow, a possible combination

The images that we receive at this time from various parts of Europe are precious and to some extent surprising. The combination of padel courts and snow is logical given that in winter the [...]


Congrats, Pádelsuis!

Facing a new project like Pádelsuis always brings a series of difficulties. And if we also add the circumstances of all kinds that the world has been going through for years, doing so today is [...]

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