ISPO Munich 2023 edition

Last year the celebration of the ISPO Munich fair was a novelty for the world of padel. Our favorite sport once again had a space exclusively dedicated to it. In the ISPO Munich 2023 edition the [...]


Joint project with Pādel Nuestro

Adapt to the times and evolve, contributing to the future of padel. These are essential premises for the viability of this industry. The joint project with Pādel Nuestro that we have launched [...]


Padel in Eastern Europe

Padel is present practically throughout Europe but this does not mean that it is present in the same way in all areas. There are countries where the appearance of padel is recent and the number [...]


Smash the excuses!

You are the owner of the club but you haven’t bought balls for a long time. You go to your favorite club to play, you don’t have balls… and neither do your teammates! If there [...]


The new LED Padel lighting

The appearance of LED lighting marked a before and after in the lighting systems installed in padel courts. Improvements in different aspects such as energy savings or more uniform lighting. [...]


Padel has conquered Europe

Over the years we have informed you about the evolution of padel around the world. We have given some details about different European countries where this evolution occurs in one way or another. [...]


Padel courts on rooftops

The locations to build padel courts can be so varied that they are often surprising. As long as there is enough space to integrate them, almost anywhere can be good. At ground level, on different [...]


Padel clubs in more than 100 countries

The evaluations are subjective and it is a fact that for someone an issue can be very positive and for another person the same could be different. In any case, knowing the difficulties that padel [...]


Padel Village returns to ISPO Muich

The padel returns to Ispo Munich … and it does it with force! Recovering the Padel Village format that was carried out for the last time in 2015, the visitors will see a padel court. And [...]


Play padel 365 days a year with Okapadel

Every day that we announce the arrival of a new brand to Padel Lands is special. And mainly because we continue in the line of incorporating brands that offer top-of-the-line products and [...]

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