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How cold! On Saturday we received a temperature of 0 º but the illusion for what was ahead made overcome the low temperature that was at 9 in the morning. Arrival at Sanset Padel Indoor and resume the work that had begun on Friday.

The 40 padel fans arrived from Rome enjoyed the last four hours of clinic with Diego Mieres and his team. Effort, a lot of learning but also moments of fun in the final part of the clinic organized by Sports & Go! Padel Agency.




They arrived at 1:00 p.m. and with it the end of work on the court. It was time for the reward and Diego Mieres and Stefi Groseva were in charge of delivering the diplomas by Vibor-A of the course held during the first two days of the weekend.

Saturday was ahead and some members of the group were hungry for padel and continued in Sanset Padel Indoor playing a tournament throughout the afternoon and the rest of the group took advantage to enjoy the many attractions of the Madrid capital. Not everything is padel in a displacement of this type. Even Sports & Go! Padel Agency expands its offer with leisure activities to make available to the padel fans of any country, a complete trip.

Sunday and end of party. It was a momento to enjoy the padel from the seat, with the finals of the World Padel Tour Master at Madrid Arena. They left at 8:30 from the hotel to the new venue that received the 8 best couples of the year in male and female categories since Thursday and arrived with time to visit the different stands of some of the main brands of sports equipment related to the padel and see the first familiar faces. Some shopping and go to the stands to occupy their seats.




The show lived up to expectations and the victories of Alejandra Salazar and Marta Marrero in the womens category and Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima in the mens category were closing the weekend that they will not forget in their lives. Padel has crossed borders and its expansion throughout the world is unstoppable. It has never been so easy to enjoy our sport at a great distance from the clubs where we normally play. You just have to put the desire and if you already have, Sports & Go! Padel Agency makes it very easy for you.


Keep enjoying the padel!

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