Things like this can happen in the padel world. How many times do you look down in a padel club and see Asics shoes taking care of the player´s feet? Why a large majority choose the Japanese brand? You have converted this brand in a few years as the leader in padel footwear sales, positioning it in the top of our sport, as far as footwear is concerned.

And we dont just mean the amateur padel. If you look at the professionals, there are many who wear Asics shoes and many of them are not fully sponsored by this brand. Even so, these are the shoes they like best. There must be a reason…




But in recent times the development of Asics in the padel world goes much further. The new collection of rackets  supposes a clear evolution with respect to its previous collections, improving notably in severalaspects like the increase of the sweet spot in all its models. Try them and you will see for yourself. And what about the last line of clothes? Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima, Lucía Sainz, Gemma Triay and many others show off their designs in all tournaments and are really beautiful.




Innovative initiatives are becoming increasingly necessary for the development of our sport and if we focus on brands, to position themselves ahead of their increasingly numerous competition. Asics has recently launched the possibility of constantly renewing your padel material with a fixed fee with the “Asics generation padel” initiative, which means a plus service and an innovative option. Have you seen the video game in which you can participate? Have you done it yet? The future is here and Asics is going forward firmly.



It is a pleasure to welcome Padel Lands to a brand that, as in other sports, works with the aim of being at the top of the sector, offering a product based on high quality and design.



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