Mallorca is well known as a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world but … does it play the same role in the padel world? The island is the destination of many padel fans from different countries and especially visitors from the Nordic countries and Italy. Stages, tournaments and holidays at any time of the year are the main complaints for foreign amateur players, who apart from the padel, enjoy exceptional weather and the many tourist attractions of the largest of the Balearic Islands. And who better than the leaders of our highlighted clubs to give us their vision on the state of the padel in Mallorca, both on the local padel envelopes and abroad.



From Palma Padel and Padel Portitxol, the business manager Mateo Gorrías, assure us that the padel in Mallorca goes through its best moment in years. It is the sport that is most practiced at the amateur level and this is especially demonstrated in the large number of children of all ages who begin to practice it. Also noteworthy is the growth of federated youth who compete at a high level and are even in WPT. A good thermometer to see the passion and growth for this sport.

In Palma Padel they continue to be a reference in the formation of players among the youngest. In this 19/20 course, more than 200 children are part of the Infant School. The School of Competition is also strengthened with about twenty young promises.




The newly created courts with the World Padel Tour seal are the main claim of Padel Portitxol, a club that is having a great reception among members and non-members of the Duet Sports Portitxol gym since it is within its facilities. It is a practically new club where you can take classes for adults and children as well as buy the latest padel products in the official Bullpadel store.




Carlos Cabot, director of Pins Padel Club, says that the Balearic player has progressed magnificently and it shows a lot when organizing a tournament because they see evolution and how several steps have risen from the level of a few years ago. A significant fact is that in 2012 there were 428 federated players in the Balearic Islands and today they are about to reach 3,000 federal licenses, which places them in the tenth position nationwide in number of federated players.

In Pins Padel Club they try to give a very personalized and familiar service, their clients have private or group classes, ranking, a tournament every month and a half, several campuses per year for children, from 4 to 16 years old, and of course the better facilities. It is one of the Balearic clubs with the most federated players, with more than 100 licenses between their male and female teams.

For a few years they have specialized in foreign clients, especially Swedes. It is a particularity of the club, working together with several Swedish padel clubs from which groups of 10 to 25 players regularly come to enjoy a few days of intensive padel (classes, games with local players …) and of course, its climate and the Mediterranean food.




From A2 Sports Padel, his director, Adrián Argañarás,  points out that the padel is already consolidated and the constant opening of clubs or courts in villages makes players disperse between several sites, lowering the occupation of historical clubs and generating movement of coaches from one place to another. A fairly well-known process for those of  have been in the sector for a while. For players at the end there are more and more options to play, and places where you can organize games, participate in tournaments or league games.

With respect to a decade ago, the padel continues growing and with the base of children increasingly strong, driven by the federation and its federated competitions and by schools and academies. For visitors it is the dream island to play, the ideal weather, accompanied by distances that for any peninsular or foreign player makes every club nearby, makes Mallorca a fantastic city to practice padel.




A2 Sports Padel is a club specialized in training, with monitors all with official qualifications and years of proven experience and known both in Mallorca, as in countries such as Italy or Sweden. With training groups for all levels, teams that compete in the local leagues and receive groups of foreigners with whom they perform intensive or technical padel stages, tactics and competitions with local players. Taking advantage of the natural environment of the club, they organize barbecues and meetings with other clubs.


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