Different ages, different backgrounds, different trajectories but the protagonists of this post have a common denominator: they usually travel to different parts of the planet to spread their knowledge about padel. Do you want to know more about them? Read this post until the end!

Diego Mieres is Argentine and his surname is familiar to most of the fans of padel. He is the older brother of Juani Mieres, one of the best players in the World Padel Tour and, in fact, they have shared hours of training for the competition.

Our first protagonist directs the International Padel Academy by Diego Mieres and travels around the world to train players and coaches. His destinations have been as different as Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Iran, Dubai, … apart of course, from Argentina and Spain. His knowledge of English and his passion for teaching and training players encouraged him to travel through all these countries.




But, is everything padel in his travels around the world? Not much less! The experiences lived in each place and their different cultures greatly enrich the global vision of the world and provide important cultural knowledge.

What would you like to be warming up on a track before a tournament and after a while you realize that the track is totally glass and without a fence? It happened to Diego Mieres at the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex in 2014 when he went to play the padel tournament of the Ramadan. The way of playing changes noticeably, don´t you think?




Our next protagonist is Paloma Lázaro. Despite his youth, she has an impressive curriculum, with eight international degrees and two MBA (Master in Bussiness Administration) masters in the direction of sports entities and in the organization of sporting events, among others.

Currently he develops his daily activity in Artós Sport Club, in Barcelona, but has visited countries as different as Portugal, United States, of whom she has been Coach of the minors team in the 2017 World Cup in Malaga and where she has won several races played there and even has given classes, or Japan, where she has collaborated with Máximo Castellote in the school in Tokyo and even inaugurating the Cross1 club in Kawaguchi.




Surely you wonder where the passion for padel, which has led her to travel the world as a trainer and to play several previous and some final draw of the World Padel Tour. The passion came from family since his father, José Lázaro, has traveled and continues to travel the world with several projects related to padel. A life related to our favorite sport and that gives to write several books with experiences of all kinds.



Many of you will have seen this video. They are José and Paloma Lázaro on the court of Carlos Beamonte, friend of the family and pioneer of the padel in Vigo (Galicia, Spain). This court was built in the 70s, so imagine the history it has.



David Cano and Guillermo Vizcay form the company Beyond Padel Academy and travel mainly to Sweden to teach classes and clinics and receive padel players from many parts of the world in the  Real Club Padel Marbella, an ideal place hanks to its magnificent weather during all year. As is normal, the first contacts with their different visitors, provide them with opportunities to travel to their countries of origin.




In addition to Sweden, they are planning to travel to Belgium and Denmark, for example. They claim from many destinations because still in some of them there are no trainers with the necessary preparation.

It is very striking that in countries like Sweden, with a climate very different from Spain, the kindness with which they have been welcomed and the love they have shown them, has made them feel at home. David and Guillermo emphasize that education in this country is worthy of admiration.




And all this despite the cold! With situations that with a warmer climate would be just anecdotes but stay locked in an exterior parking lot door for an hour to get out because you do not have the key that opens it, it makes you freeze at that moment and remember it with laughter a few months later.Good job!


Good job! We wish you the greatest success in the future.


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