As the number of players grows, the requirement for clubs is increasing. But can the clubs alone meet all the demands of the many players who enjoy padel every day in the world? Even before playing.

Playtomic asked himself these and many more questions before starting his project and in his day to day there are only two objectives: Help clubs to provide better service to the player and improve their management system to optimize their results and offer the player the as much comfort as possible and the best options when booking a court at the club of his choice. And they comply, we assure you.

Playtomic overcomes the limitations of an exclusive app of a club, offering from its application and also from its website the possibility to reserve acourt in any of its more than 800 associated clubs, organize a game with your friends and even pay the court each before of going to play and in this way forget about having to do it at the end of the game. And not only that! There are many more advantages offered by the best booking app and in the near future they will be more, both for clubs and players.



In the coming months we will tell you one by one all these advantages in a clear, concise and also grouped in the space that we have created in the home so that you can consult them easily and quickly. And you will also see a button with its logo on many clubs in the Padel Lands directories. Press the button and you can reserve your court in that club by accessing from our website!

We are sure that we can offer you some surprise in the coming months. For clubs that are not on the Playtomic platform we will also offer the possibility of doing so in an advantageous way. You only have to write to consult it.

Playtomic helps you, makes it very easy and tries to cover all your needs, both players and clubs and that is why it has become the most complete and international court reservation platform in the padel world. The future is theirs and our alliance with them looks towards a horizon as far as successful.



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