Spain is the country worldwide where there are more padel clubs. The consequence of this is that a large majority of the business that moves around it is concentrated in our country. That this is currently the case does not mean that it is the trend for the next few years.

Several leading companies in the world of padel and based in Spain are spreading throughout the world and especially in Europe. Playtomic is one of them and for some time it has implemented its app of bookings in clubs of several countries of the old continent and some of them with a considerable number of courts.



As we see the main lines of the development of the padel in Europe, we clearly see the ways in which this growth develops in each country and the biggest clubs are being built in Sweden. Helsingborg Padel is one of the biggest clubs in Sweden, with 13 courts and the best news for all of you is that only by having the Playtomic app you can book a court at this club. And you can also do it in other clubs in Sweden (click here and you will see them).

For both local players and those who are planning a trip and want to play padel, Playtomic is an essential element in their mobile phones, tablets or PCs.



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