Padel lovers know that Mexico is the country where our favorite sport was born, although for a long time it was not among the countries in America with the most practitioners. Today it is probably the country where the pace of  construction of clubs is highest and where the love of padel is increasing the most.

Playtomic has much about the development of padel in Mexico, providing the best reserve management system for many of the clubs that are protagonists of this growth. You can see the clubs where you can reserve a court if you enter here. And if we consider that Mexico is one of the most important tourist destinations in America, your padel travel plan can be remembered throughout your life.

The largest tennis club in the country, with 30 courts, has already started its commitment to padel and we are sure that it will expand its offer for more and more players in the area. El Yaqui is one of the clubs where you can book a court through the Playtomic application and that a club of this magnitude trusts its app, it is a great achievement for the court reservation application that is expanding the most internationally.



“Today the world revolves through the Internet, apps and mobile phones, which come to facilitate and improve our way of life” says Javier Rincón, General Manager of El Yaqui. “For our club, being up-to-date and making it easier for our players to interact with each other, schedule matches, see their ranking or make more friends is something wonderful. And for us to know what is happening in the club, in real time, by phone is very important”.

Rodrigo Mendoza Ruenes, president of the Padel Committee of the Club Parque España Torreón, believes that technology today plays a very important role in our lives: “In the case of padel, the Playtomic app has empowered and revolutionized our club, which has allowed for better control, organization, and use of facilities. And beyond all that, it has allowed us to overestimate the demand for the courts, thereby satisfying the needs of the club.

Playtomic is incorporating partner clubs in Mexico at a dizzying pace. Investments in the clubs that are opening are high and from the first moment they want to have the best technology. It is a factor that favors the club from the first moment and customers greatly appreciate it, using the many advantages that the Playtomic app offers them.



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