Padel is conquering the world and we want to support it. Playtomic recently announced the acquisition of Playven, a technology company born in Silicon Valley, to step forward in his internationalization strategy and reach new places where this sport begins to grow strongly.

More and more countries joined recently to the padel landscape that grows, without stopping, week by week. Clubs whose management is much more efficient thanks to the digitalization that allows the Playtomic technology, the top 1 in the world racket sports market.

What a first month of 2020!

In January, many of the old-fashioned clubs decided to anticipate the future and become part of the Playtomic Partners community to increase their income.

This was the case of El Yaqui Tennis Country Club in Mexico City, the largest sports club in Latin America with 31 courts, the Mes K Padel Club in Tarragona with 11 courts or Padel X4 Reus, with four.

It does not matter if you manage a big or a small club. Clubs like Hede Padelcenter in Kungsbacka (Sweden), Total Padel in Timrå (Sweden) Padel On The Beach in Middelkerke (Belgium) are also Partners. International Clubs that, in their recent foray into the padel landscape, chose Playtomic as the perfect partner because of its cutting-edge technology.



A huge community for managers

Being a Playtomic Partner club is a global experience for hundreds of managers who have already digitized their clubs. They are being direct witnesses of how their income increases exponentially by reducing the daily effort to fill their courts thanks to the benefits of a perfect product adapted to their needs.

In addition, each of them already belongs to a huge community that connects thousands of racket club managers around the world. Are you going to be left out? Discover how Playtomic can help you by clicking here.












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