It must take steps forward To look to the future with optimism and place yourself at the forefront of the padel. And not only at the level of Spain, the center of the world padel industry, but beyond our borders, knowing the more and more people involved in the growth of the padel internationally and associating with them.

Playtomic Masters of Club Success, an event held in Barcelona during the World Padel Tour Master Final, has been a firm step towards the formation of the first community of managers and owners of racket sports clubs.



The clubs have stopped being clients for Playtomic, to become members. Several of them, arriving from different parts of the world and especially from Europe, gathered at the event in which Playtomic presented a first report on the current state of the padel industry. Data that give us a global vision of the implementation of the padel and allow us to see its development in the short / medium term future.

And while knowledge of these data is important, the human factor is equally important and relationships with its partners from different parts of the world are another aspect to highlight. On Friday morning a tournament took place at the Augusta Padel by Marta Marrero club in which having fun and sharing experiences with other club managers were the main objectives. And believe us, they were fulfilled.




Several of these data will be provided in the different posts that we are publishing in the #PlaytomicHelpsYou space and you can see for yourself that the padel grows exponentially. Thanks to the work that Playtomic has been developing for a long time so that both clubs and players know this growth in detail. More and more players and clubs join the Playtomic community and this is something that nobody can stop.




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