Who has not ever happened to look up to attack or defend a high ball, has lost sight of it because they have dazzled by the spotlights? But … is it true or is it an excuse to justify an error? It is not the time to talk about the many excuses that we have  used to justify an error and that when we review, once the game is over, they are cause for laughter among the players.

Do the spotlights really dazzle so much? Absolutely, yes! Lighting for padel  has evolved but today there are many courts where lighting systems have become very obsolete compared to the latest developments in this sector. And not only in terms of the effectiveness of lighting, but other aspects such as electricity consumption and the durability of the lights and costs. The differences are so evident that the number of clubs that are changing their lighting systems is increasing.



How does the player notice this change? In a simple and even obvious way: Looking at the spotlights and noticing how the new lighting systems do not dazzle them, due to a series of factors explained by Jaime Redrao, of the LED-energy company, which introduces important developments in the sector . And we not only notice the change in the aspect of glare but also in the distribution of light throughout the court.

LED-energy introduces a greater number of LEDs in their projectors, so that by not needing so much intensity in them, the glare is greatly reduced. This accompanied by the optics they use and their materials, new in the padel sector, make the player clearly benefit. On the other hand, the fact that the light is projected on a specific area and not issued in a dispersed way, means that there are no dead zones inside the court Something that happens in a huge majority of courts and that today is already solvable.



The player is benefited and also the club to offer a better service to its players and also to see how the power consumption is reduced more than remarkable and the durability of their lighting systems is multiplied exponentially. The experience in other types of larger facilities, has made the world of padel can already be benefited from developments that allow it to continue evolving. Padel Lands continues to join projects that look to the future with optimism and bring innovation and evolution to the sector.

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