2019, padel fever, crowded pavilions, thousands of amateur practitioners and an international expansion that nobody can stop. But how many knew the padel or practiced it 17 years ago? And of these, how many were following the news of our favorite sport? Those who did, will know that today we dedicate this post to a career of more than a 15 years dedicated to inform padel lovers.

Those 95 issues of Top Padel magazine are an essential part of journalism dedicated to the padel. An adventure that started from love to a sport that at that time was a minority but that began to emerge, with some circuits and professional players who were laying the groundwork for the padel to reach its current situation.



Who does not currently know Top Padel 360 magazine? The magazine that we enjoy every month, with free download and with more than 50,000 downloads of each number, from 64 different countries.

What many will not know is that their current diffusion success came with the step from paper support to digital support. The distribution in paper support was 12,000 copies, of which an quantity was not sold and it was 5 years ago when after a period of one year with 10 copies in paper support and 4 in digital support, the results that came from your manner of enjoying its contents, they were pushed to make the definitive change to the current application format for mobile, tablet and computer.



As you can imagine, there are many experiences in these years and some of them with moments “difficult to forget” and that are now remembered even with laughter included but waiting to do an interview with a top player of the professional circuit and see  a heated discussion in situ with one representative of his brand about which racket to use that year and Following the failure to reach an agreement, the conversation becomes a full anger it is not the best situation  an interview in a “relaxed” tone later . Can you imagine the scene?

We do not miss the monthly appointment with Top Padel 360 and we also consult previous issues, which give us a perspective of the padel in recent times. And surely they will continue to surprise us with new ideas and projects for the future.


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