When we prepare to write a post we do it with the main objective of offering you a content that is attractive and in which you find a reading that brings you something more than pure information. But if in addition to doing so with this illusion, we do it with a smile from the first sentences to the last, it is an unequivocal sign that the subject on which we write is special and fully complies with the purest values of the padel and with its friendlier face And not only of the padel, but of the daily life. Is there anything better to write about solidarity, companionship, love of a sport and the way you understand it, sharing illusions with people who feel like you?



Describing Troyanas as a large group of woman (and men) padel players would be very short and leave aside what best characterizes these padel lovers. Try to pamper each of them, meet their needs and also offer incredible plans with tournaments, with all kinds of modalities in terms of games, are the main objectives from the beginning of the project. And you just have to want to have fun to be part of Troyanas!

Patricia Moreno, creator of Troyanas, has contributed many anecdotes from the beginning of the project in Alcorcón to today with more than a thousand members. The dimension to which the group has come would not have been such without their daily work with hours and hours of dedication and above all with a dose of heart, which is difficult to see not only in the world of padel but in life in general.




They began their journey three years ago with 48 girls, of which 45 continue to this day and are a fundamental part of their history. There are already entire families that are Troyanas and many members throughout Spain. In fact, they have several locations such as Valladolid, Albacete or Malaga and have organized trips to as many cities. What do you think that Toledo dedicated his lighting one night on one of his trips there? The pictures are eloquent.





Since its beginning have had the presence of some guys but if you take a look at the photo of the first tournament, you will see that they perfectly merged with them. You can also see the spectacular growth in participation in their events such as this year´s women´s day with almost 300 participants, all of them members.




At first the shirts were bought in shopping malls and in small quantities, from there they went on to ask for bigger productions and currently have their own clothes, all kinds of merchandising items and even with the sponsorship of brands as important as Bullpadel, Head or Starvie.




And not everything is playing padel! Every year they celebrate a Christmas dinner in which more than 200 people participate with gifts for all of them and participate in solidarity causes such as the one of Marta Ortega at Christmas, collecting toys for the children of the Gregorio Marañon Hospital. There are festivals such as the 80s remember or night outings with their visible colors. They do this without the troyaneta (their customized van), which apart from being used for some trips, has taken more than a hurry to several of its members in removals and similar situations.



Visit their website and you will be up to date with all their activities.


Thanks, Patricia! For your time and for your love of padel and all your colleagues.




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