What’s is Padel Lands?


We are an online guide with information about the different places around the world where you can play padel: not only private clubs, but public courts and even accommodation like hotels, campsites, rural homes, resorts…

The information from Padel Lands is kept up-to-date and current, including incorporations and club discounts, just as they are taking place. Even so, any information you can tell us about clubs that for various reasons are not included here would be very welcome. We want Padel Lands to be constantly developing, and for this reason we want you to participate. We are extremely grateful for your contributions and we will always try to relay your information on social media.


The information is organised by countries and in turn the information about each of these is separated by clubs and accommodations with courts. Because of the quantity of information, the information about Spain enjoys its own section. If you cannot find certain courts in the section about clubs, you may instead find it in the section about accommodation. The information is clear, concise and, above all, accessible and easy to find.

Through the work of Padel Lands to achieve its mission, we will always try to highlight certain clubs, whose information you can easily see, this information being more complete and within its own sections.


We supply basic information about the clubs and structure the information in the simplest way at the time of visiting the clubs. We don’t want to automatically repeat information found on the clubs’ own websites or mention locations that are no longer operating. Our wish is for each visit to be as easy as possible for all web users.

We also include links to the main tourism agencies operating in every location so that from this same platform you can decide on your destinations not only by the presence of padel courts but also by other factors like touristic attractions, culture, food, and other factors.

And, above all, keep in mind that the main driving force behind all our information is going to be our social media presence. Follow us, and we’ll suggest plans for enjoying paddle tennis and your trips, whether you’re on holiday or any other trip. We will try to give you all the help we can, so that you feel like part of Padel Lands.